YouTube stars make a lot of money for their channels by doing many different things. However, some aren’t quite sure how to earn an income on YouTube. While there are many ways to monetize YouTube videos, creating and selling advertisements on your videos is the most lucrative. You can also develop a custom course or e-book that people can purchase from your channel and sell on Amazon or iTunes. If you’re looking for more monetization opportunities, you may want to consider live streaming and to sell merchandise like branded t-shirts through platforms.

Lucrative methods of making money from YouTube

1. Sell Advertisements on YouTube

Selling advertisements on your videos can lead to a significant amount of money that can earn you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in a month. You can also sign up for advertising sponsorships where you and your channel are featured on various channels for five or ten minutes at no cost. 

You can also sell advertising space, a unique opportunity that allows you to earn money from your videos while you buy YouTube likes for better attached of customers. In the past, many popular YouTube stars have taken advantage of this feature by creating pre-roll advertisements sold through their channels.

2. Create and Sell Custom Courses

Custom courses are a way to earn money by selling your knowledge for other people to learn. You can create these courses for $5 and sell them through your channel. In contrast, there is no guarantee that these sales will bring in much money. It is worth experimenting with various ways to make money from your YouTube channel. 

Don’t be afraid to be creative to get viewers on the channels that adopt your custom course. As the more you upload, the more likely you are to reach a large audience of viewers who would be willing to purchase your personal videos for less than you charge for them on other channels.

3. Sell Merchandise

If you have a large collection of videos, you can sell branded merchandise, such as t-shirts with your channel logo or emojis. Only when you have a sizable following will people be willing to buy the items from your channel for a discount. 

However, it would help if you were careful because your products on other channels are likely to compete with each other and make it harder for you to earn money from these sales.

4. Sell eBooks or Digital Products

You can also sell eBooks that teach people how to do certain tasks on YouTube or even sell digital products like software or music, which can be purchased through iTunes and Amazon. You can also sell articles for popular websites like Business Insider or digital products that provide great value to users. Selling eBooks isn’t as much of a way to make money on YouTube, but it can be lucrative.

5. Sell Merchandise through Premium Ad Space

Premium ad space allows you to highlight your channel and its content in between the advertisements on YouTube through a 0.85-0.9 video ad format. You can charge a certain price for this ad space that will help you generate an income when anyone clicks on one of your videos while they are surfing on YouTube. This is another way to monetize without having one of these ads and other ways, which you will learn later in this article.

6. Get monetized for your vlogs

You can also make money by vlogging on YouTube. If you have a large following, you can earn money just by talking about your daily experiences or doing product reviews. This type of video allows you to tell stories, and people will likely find it interesting even if they aren’t considering purchasing anything from your channel, so don’t be afraid to talk about relevant topics if they are part of your personal life or activities.

7. Sell products on YouTube

This is another way that many channels currently earn money without having an advertiser buys ad space on their videos, as it gives them more opportunity to monetize without any limitations to their creativity. A lot of content creators currently make money by selling merchandise and eBooks from their channels. You can try doing this on your channel to see if the demand is high enough.

8. Leverage your YouTube status as a creator

You can also leverage your YouTube status by selling products on your channel. For instance, you can create a video about the product that you are selling and talk about its features or why people need to buy in bulk rather than just one unit of the item you are selling. The more unique your product or information is, the more likely it is that people will be interested in buying it from you, so try to offer something unique and creative whenever possible.