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Connecting with customers is the primary way to grow your brand, and outsourced customer service through GetCallers lets you help your customers 24/7/365. With annual coverage and a complete suite of call center services at your disposal, you’ll never miss another call or an opportunity to finalize a deal.

GetCallers is a leading outsourced call center service provider. Your outsourcing costs would be minimal with our shared pools. Starting at just $1/day, give your customers 24/7 call center services with access to sales and service assistance without the hassle of long hold times or inexperienced operators.

GetCallers - Call center services has become the center of call center outsourcing. As a small company, we handle showcasing services for little organizations at an affordable price. These organizations are encouraged to reinvest their assets and save their resources to accomplish more.

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We’ll work for you to establish the perfect call center script, so callers get an impression of speaking to your business, not a call center.

Our inbound & outbound virtual call center agent programs combine customer service excellence with customized training, ensuring that your brand and culture will be represented the way you envision.

Inbound Services

It allows companies to approach their customer’s concerns and queries effectively. Many businesses, whether big or small, prefer outsourcing inbound services as it helps them cut down additional expenses like labor and infrastructure.

Inbound call center services are a crucial part of any business. An inbound call center receives and answers all incoming calls from customers. These representatives ensure they offer satisfactory solutions to customer queries and turn them into happy and regular customers.

Outbound Services

Some of our offered outbound call Centre services are:

● Customer Surveys:-GetCallers gives you access to relevant insights into your customers’ minds and behavior with our customers’ survey service

● Telemarketing:– At GetCallers, we practice practical strategies for Outbound calling to promote products to drive sales and keep customers updated on the latest products, plans, and services

● Lead Generation:- Our lead generation services help build trust between your business and prospective clients. From the initial contact to converting leads into actual clients or customers, we take care of all process aspects.

● Appointment Scheduling:- As your sales staff works on conversions and preparing presentations, a third party can contact prospects and convince them to visit your company. Our outbound call agent identifies and sets up meetings with potential customers throughout the sales process.

Appointment Scheduling

 Customer Retention:- You can use GetCallers Outbound Call Center Services to retain your valuable customers, thus reducing the probability of their leaving the company. This can be performed by engaging clients through surveys, timely feedback, and optimizing client experience wherever possible.

● Collections:– When you outsource collection and pending payments with us, you can feel secure knowing that the communications are handled responsively and appropriately

24/7 calling service is important

Satisfying customer service grows your business. With our real-time call center around the clock, your customers won’t need to wait until the next day to get answered. It only takes a single phone call and a conversation with a natural person to get what they want.

Do not miss the opportunity.

Our call center services help you capitalize on every customer communication and supercharge your growth by being available anytime. 

GetCallers will be prepared to represent your business if a customer is ready to reach out. GetCallers Calling Services start from just $5 and can significantly reduce your company’s administrative and operational costs. Above all, quality service is provided so that you have that peace of mind that your company’s reputation will not be tempered.