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Bollards are mostly thought of as a commercial element that belongs to commercial property only. In the recent past however, bollards are also being placed and used in residential areas as well. The most commonly used bollards for the security purpose at residential properties are called driveway bollards.

Driveway Bollards

Driveway bollards are a type of bollard that is placed mostly at the entrance of a driveway. They are also placed in front of a garage to prevent theft and illegal parking. Most of the homeowners today are willing to find ways to protect their homes through the driveways. The option of a driveway bollard seems to fulfill their requirement in a very suitable way as compared to adding gigantic, expensive and difficult to maintain gates on the entrance of a driveway. Driveway bollards are a great solution when they are installed properly.

Benefits of Driveway Bollards

Most homeowners are taking full advantage of bollard technology because driveway bollards give them an easy to maintain and less expensive option which fulfill their security and privacy requirements for their property. Bollards are a great solution for the security of homeowners as well as the pedestrians and passerby. Following are listed some benefits of driveway security bollards.

1.     Improved Security

The obvious fact about a driveway bollard is it provides safety and security for your driveway and for your house. Bollards are considered to be safer and secure as compared to traditional gates. Gates are heavy, expensive and difficult to maintain. However driveway bollards are an easily maintained and less expensive option with more security, safety and privacy. Most thieves avoid homes that have bollards installed in the driveways. They think that the security level of this house must be fool proof and they hesitate to enter such property.

2.     Protection for Passerby

Bollards also serve a purpose of saving the pedestrians from any danger due to the car crashes or accidents. Home owners also make use of this property of bollards. They ensure the safety of pedestrians and passersby by installing security bollards in a proper way. Some homeowners install double bollards to provide maximum security for pedestrians who walk through the driveway area. Bollards placed in public areas like walkways and road sideways also serve the same purpose. They not only resist collisions but also ensure the safety of pedestrians.

3.     Lighting Options

Bollards also come with decorative options like lighting etc. the driveway bollard should have a proper lighting because the driveway area should be properly visible to the drivers even in the night time so that to avoid any accidents or crashes. Moreover another benefit of bollards with lighting options is that they add to the beauty and overall appearance of your house. Home security experts always recommend bollards with lighting options. This also acts as a warning sign for thieves. This also increases the significant value of your house.

Different Types of Driveway Security Bollards

The above section has highlighted some of the benefits that driveway bollards offer. Following is a list of different bollard options to let you select which one will best suit your needs.

1.     Static/ Fixed Bollards

Static bollards are also known as fixed bollards. They are most commonly used for home security purposes. They are very easy to install. They are also inexpensive. They are fixed in the ground with the help of concrete and other building material. They are not moveable. They become a permanent fixture of your driveway. They are fixed therefore they should be placed with proper planning to avoid any problem with your driveway and the incoming traffic in the driveway.

2.     Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic bollards are mostly recommended for home security. They are said to have an extra security feature with the option of telescoping up or down in the ground according to the need. When you need to allow access to any vehicle, you can lower down the telescopic bollard into the ground. When you want to restrict a vehicle from entering your driveway, then you raise the telescopic bollard to stop the vehicle from entering into your driveway. Telescopic bollards are more advanced in technology than other bollards but they are also more expensive.

3.     Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are a type of bollard that can be easily removed when they are not in use. They are a semi permanent type of bollard as they are removed when not in use. They are lightweight and not fixed in the ground like static bollards. They come with a lock option. They are locked after placing on the ground when you want to restrict entry in the driveway. When they are not in use, they are unlocked, put out from the ground and can be placed away.

4.     Retractable/Automatic Bollards

They are the most expensive type of driveway bollards. They operate through a button or a remote. They lower down into the ground when you want to allow vehicles to enter. They rise above the ground to stop vehicles from entering.

Which Bollard Will You Choose?

The above article has mentioned many benefits of driveway bollards. Many types of bollards are also mentioned to help you select the best one for your driveway security.