Riding a two-wheeler in Indian conditions accrues multiple advantages. Primary among these is the ease with which a two-wheeler can beat the traffic congestion, followed by the convenience of parking. Given these benefits, it is but natural to check the Apache bike price, particularly with Dhanteras being round the corner. 

Comfort of driving and parking notwithstanding, buying a bike for personal use can be intimidating, courtesy of the number of brands and models. A bit of guidance can truly come in handy in such a situation, especially when you surf through bikes online at the start of the festive season. To help you identify the perfect bike model, compiled as follows are some tips that can simplify the task – 

Choosing a brand – Considering that the two-wheeler is likely to be your companion for several years into the future, brand value becomes a concern. Established brands like Honda, TVS and Kinetic that have been around for several decades instil confidence in customers in terms of quality, customer care and servicing. As a buyer your priority while checking bikes online should be to select a model from a tried and tested brand which has proved its mettle on Indian roads. 

Fixing the budget – Regardless of the TVS Apache bike price, you must factor additional costs into your budget, like maintenance, fuel and spare parts. Depending on the final figure you can set the budget and then begin checking the various Dhanteras deals on two-wheelers. Try your best to stick to the budget as far as possible so as not to over-spend while getting all the features. This would enable you to clinch the best deal and make the most of the offers. 

Features – Since the bike will most likely serve as your lifeline over the coming years, you should be comfortable while handling it. This is where features come in, like height, weight, auto start, storage capacity and so on. Ideally the bike should not be too high/low, and preferably must have an auto-start feature. Storage should be sufficiently spacious to be able to hold more than the helmet, and the weight should be optimal as opposed to being too heavy/light.

Always pitch the features against the TVS Apache bike price to be able to judge if it is indeed the best deal. Your objective should be to get as many features as possible within the set budget. 

Service centres – Repairs form an important aspect of a two-wheeler’s life, and to be able to ride without a glitch, you must be aware of service centres. Preferably select a brand which has a service centre in close vicinity so as to save the trouble of travelling long distances for simple repair jobs. 

Also check if the spare parts are easily available, as this is an equally crucial aspect. Given the bumpy road conditions, especially during the monsoons, your two-wheeler may require spare parts for smooth functioning. Ready availability of the same would ensure that your two-wheeler will be back on the roads within the shortest possible time. 

Leeway to negotiate – Festive season deals notwithstanding, negotiation is essential to getting the best price on the two-wheeler of your choice. Whatever is the Dhanteras offer on the bikes online, you must explore if there is a possibility of getting a further discount. Often negotiation can fetch you free accessories like a helmet, gloves, riding jacket and so on, or a waiver on the delivery charges. 

Key to getting the best price also lies in comparing offers on different shopping platforms, and also the various brands. Compare the TVS Apache bike price on various portals and identify one that offers the best deal in terms of features and budget.

Final Words

For your Dhanteras shopping experience to be pleasant, make it a point to examine the deal as closely as possible. Ask plenty of questions and seek clarity on everything that the deal would accrue to you to avoid surprises and confusion later. Part of your research should also entail reading reviews of the brand and model in question, so that you are aware of what to expect while looking at the model. 

Selecting and booking a bike online on Bajaj Mall can happen on Dhanteras in keeping with the significance of the festival. Going ahead you can visit one of the partner showrooms and take the vehicle for a test drive to get the feel of it. On approval, avail of the two-wheeler loan and break the best deal price into easily manageable smaller instalments. 

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