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Golden Triangle India Tours

Trying to decide where to visit in India and which India group tour is best for you can be overwhelming – this sprawling subcontinent has more than its share of places you want to experience – so here’s a small group tour to India to help you choose. . Right for you, here are our favorite group tours to India and a breakdown of the itineraries that we love for first time and repeat visitors to India! Here in this article, we talk about the Comparison of Golden Triangle India Tours Group Tours Vs Solo Travelers.

India Tours Group Tours Vs Solo Travelers

This post contains compensated affiliate links and we may receive a commission if you book a trip through one of our links. For more information, please see our explanation. Thank you for supporting FWDI! So, you should comparison of Golden Triangle India Tours Group Tours Vs Solo Travelers. Also, check out Golden Triangle India Tour Package for an amazing tour in India.

Best Indian Bands

My first trip to India – rather than being a solo expedition – was actually part of a tour group. It twisted out to be 1 of the best tour decisions I’ve ever complete. Since then, I’ve continued solo and prayer tours of India for months at a time for the past four years, but that first trip to India sealed the deal for me.

As I watched the sun rise over the misty banks of the Ganges in the holy city of Varanasi, I knew this was just the beginning.

We’ve written extensively about traveling in India, and we know from first-hand experience that India can be overwhelming for first-time (and repeat) visitors. As a huge country/subcontinent, it can be difficult to understand the distances, understand what is possible in one trip and know where to start. Especially if you are limited to a week or two for your trip. After all, the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time in transit!

Our Favorite Group Tours In India

The company we are recommending in this post is G Adventures, we have traveled with them and generally love their style of travel. Their group tours in India are usually (essentially) small group tours that use a local guide. There are different styles for backpackers or those who want to be a little more comfortable.

We love them for their many public transportation tours (a local experience without the hassle of booking) and also for their responsible tourism commitment through their non-profit arm Planeterra, which has a number of projects it supports around the world . India. G Adventures also has a Ripple Score for each tour, which calculates the percentage of your money that stays and benefits the local economy.

North India Group Safari Itineraries

Many people come to India for its best gifts: the Taj Mahal, the monuments and history of New Delhi, and the dessert-like pink of Prince Jaipur. Also, you can choose the best Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package Although they are the most beautiful attractions in India, they are also the most chaotic and touristy. If possible, we recommend adding other parts of India to your itinerary or exploring the natural beauty of southern India.

How to opt for the Most Excellent India Group Tour for You

India has so much to offer and it can be hard to decide which tour to go on when you want to see it all! In general, North and South India offer different things: for example, the climate separates them from each other. In winter, northern India has cold nights and dry sunny days, while southern India has a humid, subtropical climate year-round.

In summer – April, May, and June – we strongly recommend avoiding North India, especially Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan, as the temperature is extremely hot (up to 50 degrees in some places) and the region turns into a dust bowl. The high season and the best weather in these areas are from October to March, but you’ll find crowds even then. An alternative time to visit is the monsoon season in August/September, as the rain is refreshing, but it doesn’t always rain.

Similarly, the beaches of Goa and Kerala are bathed in rain during the summer months, with the peak monsoon usually lasting from July to October (although it varies a lot these days). If it doesn’t rain, the best time to visit South India is during winter (October to March).

In general, North India has more in the way of forts, monuments, and Mughal history (although South India also has many magnificent palaces). South India comes in handy for its lush forest landscapes, paddy fields, beaches, laid-back vibes, and exquisite thalis served on banana leaves.

It’s definitely true: whichever tour you choose, you’re in for a lifetime of travel memories. Relax!

Have you traveled on a small group tour in India? What advice do you have for travelers? Let us know in the comments below!

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