Everyone loves to have a good cake. Also, at present one can get varieties of flavors, sizes, shapes, and others when it comes to cakes. In fact, people are spoilt for ice cream cakes, birthday cakes, sheet cakes, raw fruit cakes, and many more now.

So, when it comes to cakes delivery, one can pick and choose any from the online cake sites to order and send to their near and dear ones. Originally cakes we meant to be any lump of cooked dough but what we see today as cakes came to shape after the 1700s when sugar cane brought sugar to the market.

Since then, almost every culture has tried to develop their own traditional cakes with the resources they managed to gather and infuse their favorite flavors and named them their traditional sweet treats.

Everybody loves to have a decent cake. Additionally, at present one can get assortments of flavors, sizes, shapes, and others with regards to cakes. As a matter of fact, individuals are spoilt for frozen yogurt cakes, birthday cakes, sheet cakes, crude nut cakes, and a lot more at this point.

Traditional cakes over the world

Are you interested to know and want to bake a few traditional cakes at home? Well, here are some that one needs to know about:


As the Austrian tourism board mentions, this one is supposedly the oldest cake in Asia. This was named after Linz, Austria the root of this cake can be traced back to 1600 and the ingredients that are needed to bake this are almonds, butter, sugar, flour, and spices which all are easily available even today. These days what is served as a Linzer torte is a shortcake pastry and whipped cream is added to it. According to many arguments, Linzer is not a cake but more of a torte but if one wants to go traditional this fits the bill.


This is a Japanese specialty and it came to Asia through the Portuguese missionaries. This traditional cake is delicious to taste. There are historic Castella shops still found in Nagasaki which can date back to the 1800s. Now, one can find these shops in neighboring countries as well. Traditionally they are made with flour, eggs, sugar, and starch syrup which leads to a spongy texture and there is a crunchy sugar coating at the bottom.

This is a Japanese strength and it came to Asia through the Portuguese teachers. This customary cake is flavorful to taste. There are noteworthy Castella shops actually found in Nagasaki which can trace all the way back to the 1800s.

Holiday Cake

It is a cake that is quite similar to fruit cake but this has a strong and spicy filling. But they are only as strong so that they can hold the ingredients together. This is mostly made using sugar, spices, honey, and almonds. Later other chefs added pepper to the list of ingredients too. At present, one can get this in many varieties like chocolates, one made with bitter almonds, and more.

Pound Cake

When it comes to traditional cakes, this one is a solid contender. It is a very simple and straightforward cake and this is one variation that is still popular in the present day. This cake was originally made with sugar, butter, eggs, and flour and the recipe was quite easy to remember. They are still made by using the same ingredients.

If one wants to send a cake which they want to make at home, then they can bake any of these traditional cakes and surprise the person they want to send it.