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The best international schools in Bangalore prepare your child for real-world challenges like flexibility, intuitive thinking, motivation, and cultural appropriation. The Cambridge Curriculum offered by them takes an international approach to education. Cambridge School in Whitefield follows a learning philosophy by inculcating brilliant values in children. 

The Cambridge Curriculum distinguishes itself from CBSE and State Board by vast extents. Today, Indian parents are more inclined towards teaching methods inspired by UK standards. Thus, there are differences in the course structure, grading system, and subjects offered. 

Cambridge School, Whitefield – Salient Features 

  • Distinguished Curriculum – Cambridge Curriculum stands for Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The learning structure is extremely flexible for children. It allows students with varied interests to study their respective subjects simultaneously. There are 70 subjects to choose from, and the board is cooperative with exams. 
  • Dynamic Learning – The effective and advanced learning approach makes Cambridge School one of the best international schools in Bangalore. The Cambridge Curriculum stresses inculcating various skills in its students. It is designed to recognize the abilities and potential of every individual and further hone them to make them eligible for high-class colleges and universities. 
  • Wide Array Of Subjects – The Cambridge Curriculum offers more than 70 subjects at the IGCSE level. At the same time, it has more than 50 subjects at the A level. Students can freely choose their subjects of interest, even if they vary in learning streams. The system enables the students to form diverse future goals and increases their professional scope. It also gives them a drive towards learning. 

Structure At Cambridge School, Whitefield 

Cambridge School Whitefield caters to the educational requirements of all age groups with four curriculum categories. 

1. Cambridge Primary – It comprises 5-year-olds to 11-year-olds. The board curates subjects to shape young children into confident, self-aware, curious, and immersive kids. The curriculum includes ten primary subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, and so on. 

2. Cambridge Lower Secondary – Students between ages 11 and 14 fall into this category. As per Indian education boards, these are 6th graders to 10th graders. The board takes the previous curriculum forward by adding more subjects like Digital Literacy and Arts, Music, and Design. 

3. Cambridge Upper Secondary – Teenagers of age 14 to 16 enter the greater learning curve with the advanced learning curve. Here, students can pick from Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O-Level education. The former offers 70 different subjects with 30 language learning opportunities, while the latter focuses on practical knowledge paired with examinations in addition to learning the subjects. 

4. Cambridge Advanced – This is the ultimate step toward your child choosing the University of their liking. Students aged 16 to 19 get to choose between Cambridge International AS and A-Level, and Cambridge Pre-U. Both the courses extend for two years and offer brilliant opportunities to promote different skills in students. 

Final Takeaway: The best international schools in Bangalore provide a carefully designed and highly effective curriculum. It prepares your child for unfamiliar situations and instills qualities like understanding, independence, and resilience in students. Thus, they are the perfect pick for your child.