Bryce Hall

Bryce Hall, also known as The Wealthy Adventurer on YouTube and Instagram, is a well-known internet personality. His success online earned him a spot on the Press Play Tour alongside other popular social influencers such as Kio Cyr and Josh Richards. In 2020, he launched a finance podcast called Capital University, where he talks with successful entrepreneurs who share their stories and provide financial advice to listeners. He has been featured in dozens of publications by Forbes, Financial Times, Fast Company, Social Media Insight, Elite Daily, Fortune, etc.


Bryce attended Arapahoe High School, where he was elected as school president for two consecutive years (2017-2018). However, his final year at high school was not all that smooth. He faced suspension over allegations of sexual misconduct, only to be eventually cleared by law enforcement agencies who found no evidence against him whatsoever. After acquitting all charges, Bryce returned to teaching and graduated just before turning 18.

Personal Life

Bryce started a vlogging channel on the video-sharing app Vine in 2013. In addition to occasionally posting photos and videos of himself playing guitar, he also posted some comedy skits with his friends that escalated his popularity exponentially. In 2017, Bryce parted ways with Vine but not before garnering an impressive following of 4 million+ fans. Four years later, in September 2019, Bryce officially announced via YouTube video that he had signed a management deal with Blink Industries who bring their clients’ channels under one roof like UMG (Universal Music Group). At present, Bryce has over 15 million+ subscribers to his vlogging channel and is best known for uploading challenges and pranks to YouTube, often collaborating with other famous social media stars like Nick Bean.

He also has a dog named Cici. His mom’s name is Lisa. He dated Elle Danjean briefly in 2019. He also dated TikTok star Addison Rae in 2020 before breaking up with her in February 2021.

Bryce Hall’s Age

Bryce Hall is 22 years old now.

Post Graduation Plans

Bryce aspires to set up his own business and establish Bryce Hall’s brand. It’s an online merchandising store specializing in skateboarding and surfing equipment, vintage clothes, and other products. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of himself skating and surfing at the beach with other social media stars like Nick Bean and Matt Cutshall, who are also participants of this budding enterprise; however, the trio hasn’t yet decided on whether they will go ahead with their plans.

Nevertheless, given their huge following among young people worldwide, the venture is sure to be a big success provided they all work together harmoniously to make it happen. On a professional note, Bryce would have graduated from High School in 2020 and College in 2021.


Bryce also enjoyed surfing at the beach whenever he got the time, apart from skateboarding. In addition to that, he would often go bike riding with his friends who were as active as him on social media sites. However, he found it hard to balance his full-time job alongside other responsibilities like school work and still find enough time for himself, which is why he finally decided to quit his vlogging channel temporarily in 2019. That same year, Bryce got an opportunity to play football for Colorado State University. Still, things didn’t work out between them due to undisclosed reasons, and thus decided not to pursue that career anymore.

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It all started when he dated one of his classmates during his freshman year in college around December 2020-January 2021, which lasted for about three months before she decided to end things between them because she thought Bryce wasn’t good for her. After the breakup, he dated Elle Danjean for a couple of months before they broke things off because she accused him of cheating on her, posting their intimate pictures online, and sharing those images with his friends.

Besides that, Bryce has also been linked to other girls, but those stories didn’t go far enough for any confirmation or denial from either party involved. Both outed each other as gay during an online spat, resulting in a very heated conversation between them and fans alike who felt disheartened by their behavior and choice of words. Nevertheless, the duo remained unfazed by such negative comments and continued with their pranks and challenges even though they were dating at first.


Bryce’s half-dog half-wolf pet was given to him by Lisa Hall, his mother. The canine caused quite a stir on social media when it first appeared in one of Bryce’s vlogs, with the two being inseparable ever since. Cici has an Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself while hanging out or spending time with her owner at home or traveling together. His girlfriend Elle Danjean also revealed that she got along well with Cici whenever she met up with them during weekends, where they would chill at Bryce’s house and then go out for dinner afterward.

Success on the internet

Bryce Hall has a long history of success on the internet, including hundreds of millions of website visitors from all around the world. If you want to pursue a partnership with him earnestly, do your research first because he does not work with every brand that reaches out to him. He receives thousands of emails weekly from small business owners who want him to promote their websites for them in exchange for cash or other benefits (such as affiliate commissions). If this sounds like something you think you can do, the entrepreneur, Bryce Hall, has many requirements you need to meet before he can consider any partnership. His requirements include:

  • Requires at least 100,000 monthly visitors from the USA only
  • Traffic must be organic and not from bots or traffic buying services
  • You have been in business for more than 3+ years with a positive reputation online
  • You have an office/showroom that is located in the US

If your website doesn’t meet all of these specifications, you should try approaching other popular social influencers instead. If it does match his requirements perfectly, you still may not get a response from him as he receives thousands of requests daily. Most entrepreneurs who do receive a response end up being rejected for one reason or another. Success is not guaranteed with any entrepreneur, social media influencer, blogger, etc.

Investment in Real Estate

Bryce purchased a home worth $915,000 in the suburbs of Las Vegas in April 2022. In this 3,400 square foot Henderson home, you’ll find four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

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