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How your potential customers see your business online is partly based on how you design your website and its performance, but most of it is based on how the previous buyers have reviewed or talked about your website and its services.

Since it is not possible for your customers to touch the objects or see their real size on the website, reviews on your website give a glimpse into the quality of the products from the customers that have received your products.

And this is why websites invest in a review section on their website to show their potential customers and understand what the customers have to say about their products or services.

Why Do You Need Reviews For Your Ecommerce Store?

  1. Influence decisions

Internet buyers have become smart today. If they see a product looking perfect in a picture, they are not making haste to buy it yet because the pictures might not resemble the real product. But with positive reviews, the buyer’s interest might be furthered, and they may eventually make the purchase based on the reviews. This influenced decisions because although the buyer was interested, he was skeptical initially about whether to go ahead with it, added the corporate strategist Ratnakar Lavu. He has left his mark on the tech industry and is known for his contributions to e-commerce. He is passionate about creating exceptional customer service experiences and has been integral to digital innovations for today’s biggest retailers. Mr. Lavu has an innate gift for anticipating market trends and understands how to leverage emerging technologies for rapid, sustainable growth. He is considered a catalyst for change in the largest tech-driven enterprises and organizations. 

  • Offers credibility to the potential buyers

Today, everyone on the internet thinks about and researches products, businesses, or services before investing their money. A lot of consumers trust online reviews and read them before making a purchase. And this is not just about the quality of the product, but some also focus on whether the packaging or delivery is up to mark.

  • The store owner can understand customers

As a businessman looking for growth and satisfying customers, understanding your customer’s satisfaction, expectations and requirements is a must. Among some reviews, you will find that the customers are happy with your delivery service, but the product packaging is poor. This means they have experienced better packaging, and you need to up that to meet their expectations.

  • Enhances SEO

Reviews are some sort of content as well. And when it comes from various accounts on your site, it not only counts as an engagement but also that the content will include SEO terms that your business targets. This way, the reviews will contribute to your SEO.

  • Gives your customers a voice

Your customers have paid for your product or service, and it is their right to express whether they are satisfied or upset about it. It gives them a voice, and if they share a good review, chances are they are also going to make repeat purchases and help others do the same with the review.

What Are The Top 3 Proven Ways To Get Reviews For Your Ecommerce Store?

  1. Send emails requesting reviews

Your customers have paid for your product – they got it in perfect condition, and the product is received as expected. But why should they care and run to tell you about it on your website? They do daily purchases, and they hardly think about reviewing them unless they are unhappy.

But they might consider dropping a review if you ask them nicely. Sending a nicely crafted email will make them take out some time and review your product. But in most cases, it’s not that they don’t want to but because they are not thinking about it without prompting.

  • Provide an easy way to leave a review

If a customer has to go through various pages and still misses the page where they can leave a review, your website doesn’t have the easiest navigation or user experience. It becomes easier if your customer can review the product just by going to the order or product page.

  • Offer discounts for an honest review

Many small businesses offer discounts for honest feedback written on their store page. After posting a review, they send you a code to use on the next purchase, and this makes a lot of people find some time to review the product. Incentivizing is a very smart strategy for reviewing solutions.


So, what solution have you been using so far? If you haven’t been using any, it is time that you start using some strategies. But note that quality service and products are important for business growth as well.