Germany is a stunning country that offers a great workplace environment that is completely secure and provides a desirable lifestyle. It motivates many young and bright professionals to enter and choose a suitable career opportunity. A new “Skilled Immigration Act” was implemented in Germany and went into force on March 1, 2020. This new Act aims to address the nation’s lack of skilled labourers. However, Germany provides many opportunities to immigrants no matter where you have come from, but in this article, we will focus on the benefits of Germany immigration from Dubai

Benefits of moving from Dubai to Germany

Regardless of where in the nation you are from, Germany appears to be a prosperous place to start a new life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Dubai offers excellent career prospects for highly trained professionals if you’re a Dubai native. Although United Arab Emirates nationals are not excluded from needing a German visa, the working visa application process is quite simple. 

However, to go to Germany, you must not only apply for a visa and work permit but also arm yourself with the knowledge that will enable smooth immigration from Dubai to Germany. Because of its strong career prospects, superior social services, superior educational system, and abundance of recreational possibilities, Germany is a dream location for citizens of other nations. 

In addition, compared to other first-world nations, the cost of living, rental rates, and property values are all significantly lower. Therefore, you should consider moving to Germany to live in a developed nation with a low cost of living.

Why do people move to Germany?

More than 9 million immigrants now reside in Germany. The United States is the most popular travel destination, but this nation is close behind. Numerous migrants arrive in Germany each year in search of a better life. Germany’s cultural diversity was created by people of many countries, faiths, educational backgrounds, and occupations. A clean environment, low crime rates, a wealth of recreational and cultural opportunities, and efficient public transportation are just a few of the factors that make Germany so alluring to visitors. Many factors influence immigration to Germany, but its robust economy and social protection system are arguably the main ones. However, there is a whole yet straightforward process of immigration to Germany from Dubai.

Germany or UAE

Germany is a better option than the UAE for long-term or even permanent residence because you can never obtain UAE citizenship there, regardless of how long you want to stay. You are permitted to remain there if you work there or run a business that benefits the UAE economy and its citizens. 

Although you will have to pay high-income taxes in Germany, you and your family can eventually obtain a German and an EU passport. You and your household will be entitled to free higher education, health care, solid social safety, and a higher standard of living in Germany. After receiving your BSC from Germany, you may work in Switzerland for a more excellent salary, but if you prefer to remain in Germany, you must reside in a town near the South German border. If you have an EU passport, your prospects and alternatives will improve across twenty-eight nations. Therefore, if you choose between the two places to stay, choose Germany. It is rational to immigrate from Dubai to Germany because of these aspects.


Living in Germany is pleasant, whereas Dubai has a luxurious lifestyle, but it might grow tedious. Germany has a generally enjoyable summer and a moderate winter, whereas Dubai’s weather is usually too hot. There are so many benefits to moving to Germany; if you are from Dubai, it is straightforward for immigrants to move from Dubai to Germany. We all know Germany is a pleasant place to live for many reasons, and from this article, we can conclude that it would be more beneficial for Dubai immigrants to move to Germany.