Plumbing is the kind of work that is always high in demand. From time to time, homeowners in San Diego are presented with a need that makes it necessary for them to hire a professional plumber in San Diego. It might be tempting to solve the plumbing problems on your own but this will cause more damage and will increase the cost of repairs. To solve your complex plumbing problems, you should always consider hiring a professional plumber who is trained enough to work with those complexities.

Once you hire a professional plumber in San Diego, you can be at ease knowing they will use the best equipment and materials to solve your plumbing issues. A professional plumber always uses up to date materials to fix the plumbing problem as they are aware of the damage that will result if they use outdated material.

To gain the confidence of homeowners, a professional plumber uses tools that will not only fix the current plumbing problems but will also prevent future plumbing issues.

1) Adjustable Pipe Wrench

The design of adjustable pipe wrench includes a head which grips and releases pipes. The quick grip and release feature of adjustable pipe wrench allows it to be used with one hand. It grips the pipes by digging its teeth into it and securing it while the wrench turns.It allows a good access especially to tight areas.  As the pipe wrench has a tight grip, the user must remember that it will leave teeth marks when used. It is therefore recommended to not use pipe wrench on fragile pipes or on shiny materials. This is why pipe wrenches are usually used on steel and iron pipes that are not fragile.

2) Plumber tape

Plumbing tape is one the most important materials used by a professional plumber to prevent leaks at the plumbing connections. Teflon tape is another name used for plumbing tapes. Before the plumber fixes the parts together, a plumbing tape can be used to wrap around threads on pipes. Plumbing tape helps in preventing leaks by sealing the joints. Plumbing tape is available in the form of rolls in various sizes. It is also used for lubrication. Before applying the plumber tape, make sure the pipe is clean. Not to forget that the plumbing tape must be applied in a clockwise direction and it will become loose if applied in an anticlockwise direction. Having a plumbing tape at home can be a lifesaver as you can fix small leaks before the problem gets worse.

3) Channellock

Channel type pliers function as regular pliers except that they have angled jaws and can be adjusted more than regular pliers. They allow you to grip pipes regardless of their size. Squeezing and twisting is made easy with the long handles. From gripping heavy pipes to tightening nuts gently, channel type pliers can be used for all sorts of purposes. The all-in-one uses make this plumbing tool a must-have in every house. Channel type pliers have a groove design that doesn’t slip. It is made up of high carbon steel which is important for rust prevention and better performance.

4) Sink Auger

In case you have a clogged sink, the most useful tool to clear the clog is a sink auger. As the name suggests, it must only be used for sinks and not for toilets. A sink auger is a cable that is rolled up within the drum canister and can extend into a drain while clearing clogs. In the drain, a cable is inserted and the drum is able to rotate the cable when  the handle is turned. The cable tip is thus able to reach the clog and remove them.

5) Toilet Auger

A toilet auger is used to clear toilet clogs. A sink auger cannot be used to clear toilet clogs. The metal rod of the toilet auger can reach the bottom of the toilet to clear the clogs. The metal rod has a bend covered with a rubber sleeve to prevent the porcelain from getting scratched. Pushing and rotating the cable will get the clog removed.

6) Toilet plunger

A toilet plunger is used to clear clogs by producing pressure and suction. The rubber cup of the toilet plunger is placed down the drain and moving the handle produces pressure. This pressure can clear most clogs. If the drainage is slow then try plunging harder which will create more pressure. Water moves up and down due to pressure which removes the blockage. This way even a tough clog can be removed. The best toilet plunger fits in all types of toilets whether the toilets are new or old.

7) Cup plunger

The cup plunger is one of most commonly used plumbing materials. It is specifically used to clear clog in sinks and showers. A cup plunger should not be used to clear toilet clogs as toilets require more specific plungers designed according to their shape.

8) Tubing Cutter

Incase copper pipes are involved in the plumbing work, a tubing cutter is an essential tool. Without much effort involved, you can get clean cuts on copper pipes. The two wheels present in the tubing cutter are the pressure and the cutting wheel. The cutting wheel is used to cut the pipes while a pressure wheel is used to apply pressure as the knob is being rotated. Cutting is the most common task that a plumber deals with on a daily basis. Tubing cutter makes the cutting task easier for plumbers and can be used with one hand.


Plumbers can not work without the essential plumbing equipment no matter how skilled they are. Hiring a professional plumber in San Diego is important as they know the right tools and material that should be used for your specific plumbing issues. Professional plumbers keep themselves up to date with the latest plumbing tools and materials. The best designed and efficient products should be used for plumbing work. As the plumbing industry is evolving gradually, newer and better plumbing tools are emerging.