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Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, meeting new people is always a treat. And what could be better if you come to know that there are so many apps out there which fulfill your socializing cravings. If you are an introvert and feel shy to talk to strangers, then these apps will be your prime supporters in saying out your feeling loud without any hesitation.  Or if you are that extrovert type and don’t have millions of hours to invest in those physical gatherings, then the apps help you in meeting new people every day, and that too in a limited time.

With those 5 billion people using the internet worldwide, there is definitely someone waiting for you on the other end. You just need to be a part of a useful app to create that connection with your buddy. And did you know that according to Forbes, there are 8.93 million mobile apps on the planet. Well, the number is huge, and you, too, can benefit from it by making the right moves.

So to help you in your mission to find like-minded people and enjoy your life better, we have compiled a list of some of the best apps. These will help you interact with new people and make your friendship list even bigger.

  1. Yubo

Yubo was launched in 2015 by TWELVE APP to create a community by meeting new people. The initial version of the app is free, and you can get hold of a range of features through a monthly subscription. Since the app has 50 million-plus users, you get the privilege to mingle with this number of people when you become a part of the community.

The target audience of the social media app is teens and young adults, where it allows them to find new friends and connect with them by simply swapping left or right. They can then chat or live stream with the new companions they have found. Since anyone can enjoy the live broadcast, and new friends can also be added, you get the option to mingle with as many people as you like.

  • MeetMe

MeetMe was founded in 2005, just a year after Facebook was launched. It’s a free app that helps you find new friends who share similar interests as yours. You need to register on the app and create your own profile. Once done, you will be able to see profile pictures of others and message people who have made their accounts on the app. 

You can see the newsfeed of people and can restrict how much privacy you want in your profile. Well, the app is definitely good but for adults, and therefore, know its purpose and then download it to socialize with people you like.

  • Hookt

Meeting new people and then making them your real friends is on most people’s goals-list, and with Hookt, this objective of yours will get the perfect wings. This airG scam free app allows you to chat with your long-distance friends and make relationships that last forever.

Moreover, all your profile elements remain private. So even if the person at the other end is a complete stranger, you don’t have to worry about giving away too much information. Also, you can express your emotions and chat in groups if you like. So make Hookt your new channel to get to the buddies you were looking for.

  • Telegram

This messaging app was founded by two brothers, Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov, in 2013. The app is one of the fastest modes to get your message across, along with having qualities of being cross-platform and cloud-based. Well, this is not all.

The app allows you to send messages, images, videos, and different types of files to others. It also enables you to create a group of 200,000 people. You can also make channels for broadcasting where the number of audiences can be infinite, and due to these unlimited features, the active users’ count had reached 500 million in 2021 as per the Business of apps, getting it into the list of the most famous messaging platforms around the globe.

  • Nextdoor

Well, you don’t always want to connect with new people for friendships, sometimes, you want to be a part of a group to serve some purpose. And so, Nextdoor has made it to the list due to the value it provides to its users. As the name suggests, the app helps you explore your neighborhood if you have just moved in or are an old resident but never got a chance for a physical meet-up. With this app, people residing within the same location can share information and connect with each other. The app boasts of 66 million total users as per Tech Crunch.

Nextdoor also has similarities with other social networks as you can view posts made by the members. The app also allows you to buy and sell within the region. Moreover, you can be alert of the crimes, and report in case your pet has gone missing. You will surely get instant help from people who live just a few miles away.

  • Ablo

Ablo is owned by Massive media and was launched with the intention to promote instant communications among people from all around the globe. So if you are a Spanish looking to meet someone in Kuwait, then the app is definitely for you.

This app will help you know about different cultures from the comfort of your home. You can connect with unknown people and ask them about their food, favourite places, ethos, values, and whatnot. The users of the app are youngsters aged between 18-26 and it claims of 50,000 friendships every day. So download it today. You never know your best friend might be waiting for you on Ablo.

  • Friended

If you are looking for deeper connections with your friends-to-be, then this app is perfect for you. Through this app, you can post on the community about your thoughts and feelings and get personal responses from the members. So although you would be meeting these people for the first time but they will be your advisers in your tough times, resulting in long-lasting bonds.

Loneliness has become a key element of the present times. Friended is a platform that offers you a sense of belonging and gives your confidence a boost in all those harsh periods. When you have no one to hear you, friended becomes your companion, offering you the ears and holding your hands to get you through with ease. So get onto the friended journey and find your perfect companion in a stranger, and end all your woes within the blink of an eye.

Parting Words

Apps are benefiting so many people in the world, and so you too can make your life more interesting by choosing one to find the right partner. With this, you can easily wave goodbye to your dull and boring life. So, start your exploration journey, and based on your preference, get hold of any app that fits well with you. You are definitely going to enjoy every moment that follows.

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And if you think any other apps can make it to the list above, please feel free to share their details in the comments section below.