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Are you moving soon? One of the important things during a move is to pack your belongings smartly. After all, you want your belongings to come to your new place easily and without damage. We give you some moving tips so you can pack like a pro!


The first tip is perhaps the most valuable: take your time. The last thing you want is for your belongings to get damaged by stuffing the last items in a box just before the move. Therefore, spread the work over an x ​​number of days or weeks so that you can ensure that it is done properly.

You may prevent your things from being harmed during the transfer by using the protective packaging supplies from Britwrap.


The organization is everything during a move. You will probably soon find out that you have a lot more stuff than you thought. That takes some extra time during packing, but that’s not so bad. The real extra time comes with unpacking! What was in which box again? And which moving boxes have to go to which room when moving? You might remember it pretty quickly if you take a quick look at the contents through the handle, but your friends, family or professional movers who help you won’t be able to really judge that, and they won’t know where to go with the boxes!

Make a packing list while packing! Number your moving boxes and note on the list what is in which box. Write after the number to which room in the new house the box should go. Then you know exactly which items are in which box based on the list so that the movers immediately know where to take the items. Then it so beeps!


During a move, you have to be especially careful not to lift too much. It’s tempting to pack a lot of stuff at once, so you don’t have to walk as often – moving day is often long enough. Do not do this! To prevent you from lifting too heavily, it is best to put books in a small box, for example. Another handy solution is to put them in a trolley case. Of course, climbing stairs and loading into the car should remain feasible, but the horizontal distances are a lot easier this way!


One of the things that can really make your move easier is moving straps. You can put books in small boxes and sometimes take apart furniture, but a washing machine or dryer is indivisible. With moving straps, it is easier to carry the weight, and you no longer open your hands on sharp edges. Super handy!

Furniture can also be tricky. Cupboards are large and often awkward to lift. To prevent this, you can take the case apart and reassemble it later, but sometimes that is a bit tricky. Especially if a cupboard has been standing for a while, you may prefer to just keep it together. Logically! A (push) trolley is always handy to take the weight off your hands. Wrapping foil can offer you the solution to prevent the drawers from sliding out or opening the doors! Pack your closet well with it so that everything stays together. If your cabinet is a little shaky, it can also provide extra strength. Cover your rugs and mattress in rugs and mattress storage bag.


With furniture that you have taken apart, you will soon be faced with a challenge: the screws. Put the screws in a plastic bag so you can keep them together. Make a note of what it belongs to per bag, and you will have everything together again after the move. Stick the bags to the furniture they belong to, and you will have them back together in no time after your move!


Crockery is always a tricky issue because it is often fragile. Of course, there are different materials available, but it also matters how you transport something. For example, did you know that it is best to transport plates vertically? This significantly reduces the chance of breaking! In addition, it is, of course, important to pack the crockery correctly. For example, you can use towels for your plates and socks for your glassware. This keeps your crockery best protected!

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