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As a homeowner in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Oil and Gas safety is a top priority. If left unchecked, appliances and fittings inside living structures can be extremely hazardous. Gas safety engineers are charged with this high-risk job of inspecting your appliances and fittings, so you can obtain a cp 12 certificate.

A cp 12 certificate ensures that all your appliances are secured to use. You also have to renew this certificate every 12 months, as a UK homeowner or landlord, this is your responsibility. Failure to get your house or property inspected, and failure to obtain a cp 12 certificate can end in severe consequences.

You can face hefty fines and penalties, and at risk of fire, you can damage your property. This can be quite a tedious task, especially with all the other roles & responsibilities that come along with being a landlord or homeowner.

In this age of digitalization, your task may no longer be tedious or difficult. Globalization has changed the pace of this world, literally. Obtaining your gas certificate, checking the wellness of your appliances, or even tracking your gas consumption can be done digitally now.

To make your tasks easier, you can get these super effective apps to help you. We have prepared a list of the 6 best oil and Gas safety apps for homeowners that just make so much sense!

1.    Oil And Gas Price Ticker

First on our list is the Oil and Gas price ticker. This super helpful application can keep you digitally informed and world aware.

This app was formulated to help you keep up with the global prices of crude oil and gas. Made by Arrow Engine developers, this app gives you daily updates on the changes in gas and oil prices.

If you are a homeowner who wants to invest or wants to track the cost of gas appliances on your property, this app is a huge help. Download it on your mobile phone, and view the daily price changes on the go, in less than two minutes!

2.    Gas Certificate App

Getting your Gas Certificate can be a daunting task. We are all apprehensive of long waiting periods and uncooperative staff. This next app is designed specifically to reduce your waiting time and in-person applications.

The Gas Certificate App helps you lodge an online request to register you and your property for the cp 12 certificates. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone, enter your details and submit your application.

This app caters to all types of properties as well, residential, commercial, or new builds and renovations. Now you can sit at home, and skip the long lines to get your cp 12 certificate.

3.    Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

Are you a newcomer to the oil and gas industry? Or are you a homeowner that is looking forward to expanding your dictionary in the oil and gas lingo?

It can be confusing to understand terms like gas registers, cp 12, and other gas and oil safety-related terminology. If you are a first-time homeowner looking to register for gas safety, it can be hard for to find out what type of certificate you may need.

To make your life easier, you can install the Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary on your mobile phone. This app is specially designed to help you find any term related to oil and gas. Think of it like an oil and gas dictionary for newbies.

Any lingo, slang, or term related to oil and gas, can be easily found in this glossary. In this app you will find out everything that you need for the oil & gas safety on your property.

4.    Centriq

Do you have a gas safety inspection coming up and you don’t know how to prepare for it? Or do you have a damaged appliance that needs to be repaired?

If so, then Centriq can be the answer to your worries. This app helps you locate parts for your appliances in case of damage, it has an in-built inventory list that can help you source parts depending on the make and need of your appliances.

Furthermore, it also has a catalog of ‘how-to’ videos that help homeowners figure out everything related to gas safety.

5.    Oil And Gas Safety Management

Introducing the best gas safety upkeep app on our list, and it is called ‘Oil and Gas Safety Management. Technically, you are supposed to renew your cp 12 certificate every 12 months, which means you get an inspection of your gas appliances and fitting once a year. Have you worried about the status and wellness of your appliances between those yearly inspections?

You can use your mobile phone cameras to check the wellness of your appliances and generate pdfs that confirm the health of your appliances checked through the app.

6.    Joulebug

2022 is all about sustainability, and the first thing that comes to mind relating to sustainability is gas and oil. We owe it to ourselves and the planet to be more careful when it comes to energy resources.

You can track your oil & gas consumptions through the Joulebug app. It will help you better manage your finances and control the usage of all the resources in your house.


Our 6 Best oil & Gas Safety Apps for Homeowners have been picked especially, keeping in mind the need of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. No one has time these days to do things manually or in person, these apps help you reduce your waiting time and skip the long lines.

With these apps, you can find the answers to all your gas and oil safety-related queries, and some of these apps go above and beyond in helping you and your gas safety needs.

All you have to do is install these apps, fill in your details (where needed) and have it all solved right there in the palm of your hand!