The work environment can make you feel constrained in an urban jungle, and the great outdoor nature can seem far beyond your reach. Aside from work, it’s always refreshing to explore something different and interact with other people aside from work colleagues. The US has over 6,000 state parks distributed all over its states. Here you can go on a picnic with a loved one and catch up or participate in various activities, including biking, boating, hiking, and, or swimming. You simply need to know where to look, and you’ll get an ideal location depending on your interests. Below are five state parks to explore for an unforgettable experience.


As you prepare a to-do list, include this state park in Crescent City, California. With proper planning, you can have a good time here. It is part of a complex comprising three state parks which are Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith, and Prairie Creek redwoods. The complex covers over 130 000 acres, and the activities there would make your adventure memorable forever. You can explore the great coastline of California, go on gondola rides and steam engine train rides. In addition, the trails in the park are ideal for hikes and would be best for recharging your mental energy.

Fall Creek Falls

If you are a waterfall lover, this great state park in central Tennessee would be the ideal getaway. You will experience the east coast’s tallest waterfall while touring the park. Apart from Fall Creek Falls, the park also features hardwood forests, gorges, and cascades that cover over 25 000 acres. It also features campsites that you can book for a continued adventure. Guest rooms are also available if you are not interested in camping but would love to have an outdoor adventure. The park also offers space for group events, including conferences, get-together meetings, and weddings.

Gulf Shores

It is located in Alabama and contains various amenities, including white sand beaches, warm, light blue waters, and horizons that endlessly stretch over the Gulf of Mexico. The park is a representation of an oceanside fantasy of its kind. You can explore the beach that covers two miles. You can also hike or cycle on the 25 miles of trails. Exploring the whole park within a day can be impossible and may necessitate camping for a few days. If you choose to camp here, ensure you have the right gear including proper clothing. If your looking for more information to help you make up your mind, simply search state park camping near me on your smartphone or computer and you’ll get all the information needed.

Dead Horse Point

This state park is located in Moab, Utah. It contains various features that can light up your experience while there. The amenities include high desert woodlands, campgrounds, and canyons with steep walls. It also features trails that cover seven miles that are conducive for hiking. While camping at the park, you will get an opportunity to enjoy the stargaze programs that are led by rangers. Other camping programs include moonlit hikes that make your stay a memorable one. The park is elevated at 5,900 feet, and if you are interested in experiencing snow, winter would be the best time to visit.

Anza-Borrego Desert

It is US’s second largest state park located in California. It features washes, plains, and mountain ranges covering over 500 000 acres. The ultimate experience of the park is at night, where you can stargaze and enjoy moonlit hikes. Your adventure in the park can either be with horse rides, bikes, or on foot. It all depends on what you want to feel. If you are a lover of wildflowers, spring would be the best season to visit the park since, at this time, the flowers color the desert differently.

State parks are all over the USA, and right now, you could be a few walks away from one. According to research, spending some time at one of these parks helps improve your heart health as well as your mental wellness. Besides, you get an opportunity to exercise by walking, hiking, or biking, which helps boost your immune system. As you plan to have a good time in the US, remember to include the above state parks on your bucket list.