Placemats for tables have been used for a long time, but there is no way to know exactly the date when they became widely used throughout the world. Recent surveys revealed that close 90 percent of households surveyed utilised table placemats regularly.

We’ve put together the top 5 reasons why placing table placemats on your table can enhance your life.

1.) Guard Your Table’s Surface

2.) Design and aesthetics

3.) Convenient and green conscious

4) Entertainment

5) Sanitation

Guard The Table’s Surface

The principal function of placemats on tables is to safeguard your table from hot marks or food staining.

Decor And Esthetics

Table Placemats Printing can also be used as decorations that coordinate with themes of colour or theme as well as for special holidays or events.

Many people believe that it enhances the aesthetics of tables to give it a vibrant and colourful look and also lessen noise pollution by reducing noises from dinnerware as well as cutlery.

Green, Convenient And Easy To Use

Placemats for tables are an extremely convenient way to ensure your table is clean and avoid the endless washing cycle of table cloths.

Coasters Printing tri fold leaflets made of PP can be cleaned with water and a cloth. They are reusable for a long time and, when you’re exhausted of them, you can throw them into the recycling bin and bring them back to life as a new product.


Placemats for children can be unending sources of enjoyment and entertainment, and they subconsciously permit children to learn during meals.

In some establishments, table placemats are used to announce specials; menu items, local businesses, fun trivia, facts, or even games for kids.


One of the primary ways table placemats assist in improving your lifestyle is by providing a clean protection between the tables (or your desk) and your food , whether at home or dining at a restaurant.

A growing number of workers work from home and the dining area is often the main place for eating and working. It’s never been more crucial to think about cleanliness.

If you’re eating at your desk during work then you’ll need protection as well, so grab the plastic placemat and safeguard yourself!

What Is The Reason Your Dining Table Needs Placemats?

One of the indicators of ageing is the time you begin using table placemats instead of simply placing dishes on your table.

It’s true that maintaining furniture, and, in particular, a table isn’t a simple task. Everyone wants to maintain the glossy wood and gleaming tables made from glass and this is the reason your dining table requires placemats.

Placemats are not just for protecting your furniture, but the correct choice and location can illuminate your dining space. Placemats can be a fantastic option to add some colour and prints to your home.

What Is The Best Dinning Table Placemat?

The art of picking the best placemat may not be the same for everyone. That’s exactly the reason our guide can be of help. Every event requires an entirely different kind of placemat.

They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials that are appropriate for different occasions.

What you should remember when selecting the table mats is the size and form of your furniture. Determine the purpose for the furniture.

It might be to attract your guests to your home, promote the product, or make an addition to the decor or for everyday use. After you have decided on your goal then you can pick the best option from the wide selection that is available online and offline.

Table Placemats Styles

There’s a variety of mats available in accordance with their designs. We are sharing information to simplify your life.

1.) Ribbed Cotton Table Placemats

Ribbed Placemats are a must for any home kitchen, breakfast area and the dinner table. Made from 100% cotton, these placemats have been a hit for many years.

They are of five layers of cotton, making the mats thick enough to guard your table from burns and spills.

2.) Pvc Table Placemats

This attractive Placemat that will brighten your mood and provide your table a complete transformation. Placemats with stripes and a self-design can cause you to be enthralled by them. Basket weave texture keeps the cutlery and crockery in place.

3.) Jacquard Decorative Table Placemat

Get yourself a royal look with our luxurious jacquard placemats that have an amazing design. The pattern creates a distinct table and makes your meal delicious. The ‘ eating out’ trend is still to ensure that your table is to the highest standards.

4) Reversible Fringe Table Placemats

Your home is only a reflection of your personality. Bring a touch of elegance to your dining table by using these lavish placemats featuring distinctive fringes that will have your guests awestruck.

Make your life more enjoyable by adorning your table with these stunning accessories that are an absolute price-to-value.

What You Should Be Aware Of About Printing Placemats For Restaurants

For both old and new restaurant owners, there is nothing more important than creating an impression. It all starts when the customer settles down.

A well-designed image or artwork on your placemats will make your business make a statement. This is where printing of high quality is essential.

Offset Vs. Digital

When printing large quantities of prints there are two options which are offset or digital. Digital printing lets you upload your image to be modify at any time and print it on demand.

However offset printing is carrie out on a mass scale, which helps restaurants, but there is very little space for error, and also not much flexibility. However high-quality offset printing can be essential. Also, crisp images and fonts with small sizes will print the best when offset printing bollard covers.

Materials And Branding

The materials the designs will print on will determine the kind of restaurant placemats you’ll need.

Make sure to keep in mind the test run is readily available for digital printing , which gives you the chance to test various materials and with various designs. If you are aware of what kind of material you’ll be using then we recommend offset printing.

From paper to fabric glossy to matte, the material you choose should be able to convey the feel and appearance that your establishment has. Your brand’s image is about the specifics that are easily identifiable.

Design With The Patience

Your design for your graphics is important and sets the tone for your restaurant. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you’re taking your time when designing it. Consider, for instance, being aware of the colours you’re choosing.

Additionally, pay close at how big you’d like the image to appear. In the end, all of these aspects determine how the final design is print as well as the way the finish product will appear.

In this situation it might be best to engage a graphic designer. This will make your life much easier and give you the restaurant appearance it deserves.

Be Aware Of The Quantity You Need

Printing companies must know the quantity you require for a reliable estimate. Make sure to calculate how many placemats your restaurant to have.

In the event that you need to purchase more items, you might discover it to be more expensive as compared to if you completed the entire order at one time.

The fulfilment of your order is crucial and you need to obtain the best item for the price. If you collaborate with a reputable printing firm, you might be able to obtain additional orders at an affordable cost.

Professionals Are The Best

If you require printing services for any reason, ensure that you go to an experienced professional. Your business is very important to you and you’d like to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality services and the best quality at a reasonable cost. Be aware that you only will get what you pay for!