Cold calling can intimidate the receiver if it is not done with the right attitude and strategy. Every day, business owners must generate leads to gain prospects and increase the growth of the business. One way to do so is cold calling. A cold call can help you to attract more people and can boost the sales of your business. Especially in real estate, you need to connect with potential buyers so that they purchase the property from you. But to implement a cold call successfully, a good cold call script is important. Here are 12 real estate cold call scripts that agents need.

1 The introduction

The first call is always important, it allows you to understand if the prospect is interested or not. Start by introducing yourself and the company. Try to understand their problems, they are most likely to object, be ready with an answer to counter their objections, and have a conversation with them.

2 Script to engage the prospect

The primary goal of every script is to generate interest in the mind of the prospect. Ask if they are interested in selling their property and tell them that there are buyers who are interested in purchasing the property. Try to create a feeling of urgency in their mind so that they develop interest.

3 The one for the expired listings

It is always difficult to contact prospects with expired listings. Understanding their problem and empathy can help. Inform the client about the latest market trend and try to assure them that their property will sell quickly.

4 Script to show your domination in the industry

Informing the client that you have dominated the industry and community, develops a sense of trust between you and the prospect. You can do this by telling them about your experience in the field and what you have achieved to date.

5 Flaunting recent sales

Telling the prospect about a recent sale allows your prospect to understand that you are good at what you do and how you have achieved so. Giving them some information about the recent sales allows them to understand the market and current prices of the property which will make it attractive for them and they will develop a relationship with you.

6 The script to pitch perfectly

Every real estate business should know how to pitch, the best way to deliver this is by sounding convincing and natural. This will make the prospect realize that you genuinely care about assisting the prospect. The script allows you to make your objective clear and allows the prospect to understand the objective.

7 Script to pitch someone you in a social network

When you already have a bond with someone and you have created the relationship organically, the trust is already established which makes it a great opportunity for you. Do not tell them straight away that you are a real estate agent, as this might take away their interest in you and can be a deal breaker.

8 Script to get straight to the point

These scripts are short and clear. When you are in the real estate business, you do not have the whole day to make cold calls. This is why you need to make cold calls that allow your prospect to understand your point easily and quickly. This helps you to stick to the schedule and make more calls in one day.

9 Give FOMO to the prospect

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. If the prospect realizes that the market is good for property and people in the surrounding area selling off their properties, they might gain interest.

10 Script for someone already interested

Some people want to sell their property but are unsuccessful. Pitching to these property owners can be highly beneficial for your real estate cold calling. Tell them how you found them so that they realize you are trustworthy and then tell them about the market trends and how you can help them.

11 Follow up

If a prospect shows interest initially and does not connect later with you, this does not mean that they are not interested anymore. Make follow-up calls and inform them about the latest market trend and property prices, so they reconsider their thoughts and give it another chance. Tell them about nare sales and listings, so that you can gain their interest.

12 Script to avoid commission conversation

The point will arrive where the prospect will inspect your commission. The best way to deal with this is to inform them about the commission even before they ask about it. Preview their property and give them the offer. Later, talk about the commission fee and how your services will assist them so that they realize your worth.