Reading from your books or taking examinations won’t help you reach your full academic potential. Instead, there are a few simple yet important steps that you should take to boost your performance.

Here are some ways through which you can become a better student.

Set goals

Setting long-term and short-term goals are essential to motivate yourself to achieve success. Through defined goals, you can also challenge yourself to do better. Once you have decided on your goals, write them down, and tick off each point after completing those milestones.

There’s no shame in asking for help.

Everyone needs help in their life at one point or the other. You are no exception, and don’t ever shy away from asking for help when things get too tough. Reach out to your parents, a guidance counsellor, or a teacher to discuss your problems. This can help you prepare and perform better.

Explore additional resources

Do you know that CBSE schools in Pune or the other part of the country have different resources designed to help students? You must access those resources to help yourself study in a better way; ergo, be a better student.

Don’t miss classes

This is not a point that should need emphasis. However, some students make the mistake of missing out on their classes without realising how that affects them negatively. Don’t skip classes in your CBSE high school and make sure to have regular attendance. Things discussed during classes and the course materials presented are important for a strong academic life.

Don’t take too much pressure

Some students always find ways to do better, and in their minds, that means taking on more pressure. Don’t do that. Over a period that will burn you out and impact your studies. Hence, make sure to take the workload that you think you can manage without getting stressed. Take help from teachers or guides to create manageable schedules.


A student needs to attend classes regularly. However, merely attending classes and sitting there till the end won’t help you become a better student. For that, you will have to participate in different class activities and academic discussions. Therefore, don’t be too shy to ask questions or answer them during class.

Note-taking goes a long way

Teach yourself how to take notes as it is an important skill that will help you in your studies and your future profession. The information you get during a class needs to be reinforced. You can do that by noting down what the professor or the teacher is saying and then going over them later. You will find it much easier to retain information when taking notes.

Study buddies

Doing something alone can be tiresome and troublesome – which stands true for studying in CBSE schools in Pune too. Find people with the same interest in academics as you and your friends meet up for study sessions. Expand your social group with whom you can regularly discuss and learn more. Also, explaining a topic to someone else will help you understand it much better.

Advance reading

One of the best ways to cope with a difficult subject is by doing an advanced reading. You can also apply this technique in your daily classes. Being well-versed in a subject before it is taught in school can help you get an edge.

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Eat and sleep well

A well-balanced diet and a good night’s sleep can help you study better. With proper health and good rest, you can concentrate more on your studies and finish them in time to enjoy leisurely activities. Alongside, also make sure to stay active through regular exercise.

These are some of the effective ways through which you can turn yourself from an average to an exceptional student. However, doing so requires discipline and determination.

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