The industry that’s booming with opportunities recently is none other than the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency and blockchain have made it to the list of youngest industries presently. The consistent growth of these industries has successfully opened the doors for several blockchain-related businesses and services.

One such essential and effective service is PR or public relations. Since blockchain projects have been misunderstood right from the start, the need for Blockchain PR companies is more desired than ever. Blockchain businesses are seeking PR services to clear out their name and put out the right information in front of the audience.

Role of PR Agencies

Blockchain PR aims to facilitate and assist in the communication between blockchain and cryptocurrency companies with their shareholders. In the absence of such measures, the blockchain companies would cease to exist. They’d miss out on potential customers, sales opportunities, and business partners.

PR has become the voice of the blockchain companies and makes their intentions loud and clear to the public. Apart from that, it also helps strengthen the company’s marketing strategy. While looking out for a good blockchain PR agency, make sure the agency has a record of documented past clients proving their efficiency.  

The PR agency you’re opting for must have past records of:

·       Building a powerful brand authority and identity

·       Getting new investors and increasing traffic

·       Creating a community that believes in your mission

·       Keeping the customers and investors updated with essential information

Advantages of PR Services

Mentioned below are some of the advantages associated with hiring the services of PR agencies for business development.

1.       Educating The Audience

The inability of the audience to understand the concept of blockchain projects makes it a field that potential users and institutional investors misunderstand. You need to clear the air if you wish the audience and potential investors to engage with your blockchain company. They need to understand the technology in-depth.

Till there’s a sense of tension between the public and your blockchain company, nothing will come out of it. This is where PR steps in to establish a level of comfort with the audience regarding blockchain. When the audience becomes familiar with the idea, you’ll receive a positive response from the public.

2.       Establishing Relations

The more you speak of your products, the higher your company’s chances of receiving great investments and new leads without spending much on advertising. To ensure regular media engagement, PR agencies come to your rescue.

Your credibility will be determined based on the status of your blockchain company on social media. When you get into several social media platforms, access to your company seems easy to the eyes of the public. This creates a sense of closeness in the mind of the audience with your company. Ultimately, this speaks for the promising credibility and transparency of your business.

3.       Brand Identity

With the ever-rising competition in the blockchain industry, your company needs to be very clear with its perspective. It needs to present strong content that will draw in the target audience. PR agents have a unique approach in which the influential public is targeted. They’re made for sharing blockchain-related content, which brings greater authority and status to the business.

To portray your business as an informed and intellectual leader, you need to curate regular and relevant content on controversial topics. This will bring your company’s stance into the spotlight. Further, leads can be generated through “call to action” hyperlinks at the end of the blog or article.

Rest assured, PR agents will be there to assist you throughout this process or might even get the job done for you.    

4.       Crisis Management

When your blockchain company faces any crisis, the PR agent’s help becomes the need of the hour. For instance, your company is facing baseless allegations and rumors spread by a competitor. Such rumors might drastically bring down your business within no time and will ruin your reputation.

However, when a strong blockchain PR agency backs you, situations like these can be dealt with effectively. PR will come to your rescue to help minimize the damage and disqualify the rumors.

Public relations play a major role in network and connection building, vetting scenarios, and anticipating exposure risks and outcomes. All these things combined play an essential role in shaping your brand’s public image and perception.

5.       Increasing Traffic

A strong PR strategy will ensure all the SEO elements are in place to keep your website optimized. You cannot possibly miss out on the digital marketing strategy in the present world scenario where technology is everything. Your PR agent’s responsibility is to hype up your company in front of the general public.

Everybody will be lured in, from new investors to potential users, to find out what the fuss is about. This will make your project launch a grand success. However, be ready for a lot of inspections by a lot of new people with varied perspectives. Reportedly, PR has proved to be 90% more effective as compared to advertising.  

6.       Keep Them Engaged

Instead of going for the monotonous convention PR media, blockchain PR goes a step ahead and interacts with the community through different media streams. Since heavy bans have been placed on some popular social media sites such as Facebook, blockchain PR has taken the crypto business to other platforms like Reddit and Steemit.

Blockchain PR with prior experience knows how to optimize these platforms to get the maximum engagement for your company. The current investors will remain engaged through constant information about your IDO assignment or website blog.


PR is so powerful that it can make or break your company. For instance, if your PR fails to counteract the rumors and clear your name, things might start going south for your company. You’ll have to be very careful while addressing the emotions of the public and building trust.

As mentioned earlier, PR will help you choose the correct approach to help place your company at the top of the industry. Public relations will help portray your business as a reliable and reputable company they can invest in. 

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