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7 Creative Options for cardboard pre roll packaging

7 Creative Options for cardboard pre roll packaging

Protecting your cardboard pre roll packaging

If you want your Cardboard Pre Roll Packaging to stand out from the competition on the dispensary shelf, the packaging must be interesting and capture the eye. Successful, engaging packaging concepts need to be researched if you want to create a brand that will stand out in a rapidly developing business. Here at SirePrinting, we are always on the lookout for innovative packaging ideas to offer our business associates. We have everything you need, from colourful, child-resistant (CR) joint tubes to traditional paper cigarette cases. Since cannabis packaging rules differ by state, this can be a challenging area to grasp. Still, many firms have prospered through creative cardboard pre roll packaging and consistent brand identities, and we’ll highlight a few of them here.

In no particular sequence, our list contains the following:


To start, Gabriel opted for a flat-bottomed glass tube made by hand. The bamboo top is complemented by a bright silicone ring. The ring’s congruence with the label makes for pleasing aesthetic cohesion; meanwhile, its practicality in containing odours makes it an invaluable addition. Gabriel used these hues to denote variation among strains and enhance the visual appeal of his merchandising setup. A branded cone tops off the box, its neutral grey base and white triangular emblem providing a nice contrast to the bright orange embellishments.

Extremely Busy Time of Year

High Season aimed for a classier appearance by placing blue metallic writing on a black matte, solid slider box.

The package has a strip for illumination as well as a matchbox for your convenience. Customers appreciate these supplementary touches since they eliminate the need to carry a lighter or borrow one from a friend. The final touch to their packaging is a set of branded cardboard pre roll packaging filters in their company’s colour scheme.

Cardboard pre roll packaging Products by Emjayze

Pure hemp is used in the cardboard pre roll packaging of Emjayze Hemp Goods’ cigarette-like pre-rolls. Emjayze’s creator, Amos Lozano, is an enthusiastic supporter of industrial hemp’s many applications, thus he focuses his company’s products exclusively on the organic sector. These containers are eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Conscious shoppers in Texas have responded positively to the brand’s consistent, natural identity.


Canndescent pre-rolls are quite popular in the Golden State due to its hygienic pre roll cone packaging and unique variety packs. These multi-packs of pre-rolled joints come in a variety of strains designed to stimulate, relax, and inspire. There is a colour key on the packaging to help customers out. The variety pack is one of the most user-friendly options available because it comes with details about the various strains and the effects they produce.

Pre roll cone packaging from Lowell

A combination of Lowell’s premium flower and eco-friendly, brand-friendly pre roll cone packaging makes them pre-rolls the most popular in California. Because they were one of the first to provide novel eighth and quarter packs, these organic pre-rolls have become a mainstay in the US cannabis industry. Their own emblem is stamped on each crutch and all packaging is produced from recycled materials. They use Kraft packaging as the final touch to their eco-friendly brand image.

Location: Shadowbox Farms

To evoke the vibe of their Pacific Northwest home, Shadowbox Farms packages their premium pre-rolls in wooden tins. Branded variety packs and 3-packs of pre-rolls are stimulating innovation in the pre roll cone packaging sector in Oregon. Their value bundles include information cards that list the many strains and uses for the cannabis contained within. Trying five different strains of premium bud at once is a great value.

The Bare Cone

In terms of aesthetic, Naked Cone is reminiscent of Royal Reserve’s packaging but is presented in a more up-to-date manner. In addition to presenting all of the necessary information, the labels’ spare design helps the client view the joint more clearly. Customers can admire the kief-dusted pre-roll in style thanks to the pre roll cone packaging see-through design.